WFO BGM Sub-Regional Workshop Agenda

September 23-24, 2015

Huron Campus

1701 North St, Endicott, NY 13760

Wednesday, September 23rd

09:00 amKick-off and Introductions
09:10 amWinter Storm Impact Index - Mike Muccilli - NWS Burlington
09:30 amProbability of exceedance tool and additional useful smart tools - Robert Deal, NWS Burlington
09:50 amShort wave troughs in the Great Lakes region and their impacts on lake-effect snow bands - Neil Laird - Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
10:10 amBreak
10:30 amUpstream lake influence on lake effect snow - Neil Laird - Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
10:50 amFollow-up work related to the OWLeS lake effect snow project - Ashante McLeod-Perez and Stephen Piechowski - SUNY Oswego.
11:10 amDendritic growth zones in lake-effect, lake enhanced and synoptic snowstorms - Kelley Murphy - Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
11:30 amLunch.
01:00 pmNY State mesonet update - Dr. Nick Bassill
01:20 pmThe effects of topography on convective storm environments in the Eastern Region. Paul Markowski - Penn State.
01:40 pmTornado warning skill as a function of environment - Yvette Richardson - Penn State
02:00 pmUse of dual pol radar to assess tornadic storm potential - Matt Kumjian - Penn State
02:20 pmBreak.
02:30 pmZdr/Kdp behavior in potentially tornadic storms - Mike Jurewicz - NWS Binghamton
02:50 pmA rare severe weather and tornado event in central New York and northeast Pennsylvania: July 8, 2014 - Mike Evans - NWS Binghamton
03:10 pmNortheast severe convection: differences between high impact and low impact events. - Matt Vaughn - SUNY Albany
03:30 pmBreak.
03:40 pmThe 2014 Duanesburg supercell case - Brian Tang - SUNY Albany
04:00 pmEnsemble variability in rainfall forecasts of Hurricane Irene (2011) - Molly Smith - SUNY Albany
04:20 pmImplementation and evaluation activities at the environmental modeling center - Corey Guastini - Environmental Modelling Center.
04:40 pmThe relationship between DSS and Science in the NWS - current and future issues and discussion - Mike Evans - NWS Binghamton.

Thursday, September 24th

08:30 amHazard Simplification- Eli Jacks, NWSHQ Acting Chief of the AFS Forecast Services Division
09:45 amNational Vision on Importance of Consistency- Eli Jacks NWSHQ Acting Chief of the AFS Forecast Services Division
10:15 amBreak
10:30 amQuestion and Answer Session with Eli Jacks, NWSHQ Acting Chief of the AFS Forecast Services Division
11:15 amImpact Based Decision Support from a State Liaison Office Perspective - Brian Montgomery, NWS Albany
11:35 amLunch
01:10 pmSocial Media and DSS - Jessica Neiles, NWS Burlington
01:30 pmUsing Public Briefings to Expand Decision Support Services to Schools and the General Public- Erik Heden, NWS Binghamton
01:50 pmFacilitated Discussion about Challenges in WFO Operations incorporating DSS, On-Site Support, Aviation Grids, and Social Media into routine and hazardous weather operations. – Ben Schott , MIC WFO Binghamton
NLT 3:00 pmWrap-up